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What do I need a permit for?
There is a form you need from the Building Department to determine if you need a permit. This is an information assessment form to determine if you are a minor home occupation or a major home occupation. The information you provide will help the Building Department to determine what classification you fall under and what procedures we need to follow from that determination. You can get this form at the Building Department in the Town Hall. Many people call and ask "Do I need a permit for ....." The best thing you can do is to call to make sure, however, the following is a short list of things that a lot of people call for: You "DO" need a permit for these items: Replacement windows - Roofing work - Fences - Decks - Repairs to decks - Sheds - Finished basements (no matter how little an area) - additions - Converting a garage to living space - Septic System repairs, replacements and expansions - Fireplaces (all types, including gas inserts, wood burning ect...) - Chimneys - Outdoor wood burning furnaces - All swimming pools, inground and above ground, even the blow-up pools; This is not intended to be a complete list. You should always call and check with the Building Department.   back to top

What do I need to finish my basement?
If you are looking to finish your basement, the following is a list of important items you need to know: 1) No matter what use you are going to have in the basement, you need 2 means of egress. This will include the stairs up to the main house but in addition you will need either an additional stairs separated from the first mentioned stairs or an egress window, a walk out basement door or even a proper type of Bilco door. 2) You will need to have a minimum height of 7 feet from finished floor to finished ceiling. 3) You are required to have a minimum natural lighting equal to 8 percent of the finished floor area 4) You are required to have a minimum ventilation equal to 4 percent of the finished area. 5) If you have a bedroom in your basement plans, you will need to have a second form of egress out of that bedroom to the exterior such as an egress window. These are a few of the things you need to consider. This is not a complete list.   back to top

What size does my egress window have to be?
Egress windows on the first floor ground level need to meet 5 square feet of clear opening area. Egress windows on all other levels must be at least 5.7 square feet. These egress windows must also meet the minimum opening height of 24 inches and the minimum width of 20 inches. An egress window sill cannot be greater than 44 inches from the finished floor of the room that it is in.   back to top

How far from the property line must my shed be and where can I place it?
A shed has to be at least 5 feet from any property line. The placement of a shed shall be in the rear yard area of the property. This means it needs to be placed in back of the rear plane of you house as it relates to your front property line.   back to top

What do I need for my Shed permit?
You will need the following: 1) An instrument survey to show your proposed location for the shed. 2) A design of how the shed is to be built. This includes prebuilt sheds that are delivered fully constructed! 3) Proper insurance forms for workers compensation and disability. This information is available by contacting the Building department.   back to top

Do I need a permit for a fence and what information do I need to provide and what height can I have?
Yes, you do need a permit for a fence. As part of your permit application, you will need to provide a Instrument Survey showing the proposed location of the fence. You will need to provide an Insurance form for Workers Compensation and Disability, (Forms can be picked up at the Building Department). The height of the fence is a maximum of 4 foot for in front of the house and a maximum of 6 foot for the side and rear yards. Placement of the fence has to be on your property. There are many easements where a fence cannot be placed and you should check your Deed to see what easements you have on your property.   back to top

I am Selling my home and I need past history permits. How do I obtain these?
You would request them through the Building Department. You should send your request in writing or you can call and setup an appointment to come in and review your file to get proper information.   back to top

I want to divide my property to give a piece to my child. What do I need to do?
You will have to go through a Subdivision application process with the Planning Board. This process is required by State Law. The actual process is explained in the Town of Farmington Codes. There is a link to the Town Codes on this web site. Please use that to review the Town Codes and go to Chapter 144 for Subdivision of Land.   back to top

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